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One_WEB has been that flagship project which I had been working in the year 2016. It was 2nd of October , 2016 Shahid Ali Farroqui Reps Mentor , India and my personal mentor along with an Well fare organization named “Ek Pahal” which is based in IISER Kolkata helped me an One_WEB session over there with kids from villages all across.

The Session consisted of one hour of training of the Volunteers where we taught them the special way of teaching or rather story telling. The Volunteers included the under graduate and post graduate students of the Institute.

Then the kids came in from different near by villages ; Ek Pahal volunteers knew almost each of these kids as they teach them different subjects on a regular basis but today the story was different today these 150 kids were segregated into 15 groups each of 10 in size and being taught by two Ek Pahal volunteers and after one and half hours of teaching these kids were given Food 😛

YES as a part of the One_WEB Initiative we wanted these kids to be happy as well as learn about something new (The NEW is nothing but WEB).

After the food session these kids were given White Chart  papers and then was the waiting time. We wanted to see how well these kids understood the two Worlds ( The World of the WEB and The World of Real Life).

The Results were superb I seriously feel in love with the creativity and kind of imagination these kids came up with.

Here are Pictures of the Image :

Thank you Ek Pahal , IISER Kolkata and Shahid Sir for making this Happen.


Doing good is a part of our Code🙂

A Mozilla Kolkata Community Initiative


Concept Behind One_WEB


As we see different Web Literacy campaigns running all across the globe but not much difference it was able to create it among the under privileged  in the long run.

Thus we came up with a concept called #ONE_WEB.

One_WEB is more of a idea and idea with the help of which the students specially the underprivileged kids are taught in such a way that they imbibe the concept of the WEB in their minds .

Let me give an example :

Do you remember the headlines of the News Paper this morning ? No I guess.

But you remember the story you went through ? YES

So One_WEB is about that Story telling that special way in which the Story is told to these kids so that they Imbibe in them the concept of WEB instead of knowing which program will run what.

It took me and my mentor Shahid Ali Farooqui almost 3 days of hard work to device this very way of sharing stories so that the kids even if not provided with computers or internet remembered the concept in long run.

This output which we receive in long run was the most valued proposition which helped us get partners for the event like Fire.

#ONE_WEB which is now planned in different parts of the country in different ways helps us achieve the target we had set for the Campaign.

As you see the picture you will understand the imprint which we created in the mind of this Kid.

He Created an ATM Card which he connected to an UBER and then Whats App and Flipkart. Now this proves us of the concept of teaching we came up with.

It became the first Mozilla Event in the country or rather world to receive so many Dipslay picture change and one of those events which had received so many digital footprints and as many partners as #One_WEB.



The Only Mozilla Event to get a Live Radio Coverage from the Event Venue itself.

Link to the Recording :

The Event Video :


We want to go to a Global Level so that One_WEB can be started in

all the Countries. 🙂



One_Web Event-2

One_Web the initiative taken by Mozilla Kolkata Community to touch upon 10000 Lives in 3 months.

As one of the Designers of this initiative let me make it very clear ; we are not trying to impart Web Literacy among these kids. As people might post that they can teach kids about WEB in 2 hours but I don’t believe so.

The Idea behind one web is to install in these kids the Idea of the WEB.What this other world actually is. We work for two hours with these kids to make them Understand how this other world is and give them a basic idea of WEB; in the later part of the event we provide them paper and colors to show us their understandings on the basis of our teaching.

The Second event of One_Web was hosted at Kailash Vidya Mandir with the help of an NGO My Treasures of Innocence.


It was a broad sunny day with 10+ Volunteers we went to the school. On a Bright Sunday morning and 186 kids all acorss it was really an awesome experience teaching these kids.

We got divided into four groups and taught these kids accordingly.

Teaching these kids was fun and then they were given paper to show their understanding about the thing which we taught them. The Out come was superb.The following Pictures will explain.


At the End the Customary Group picture.


Thanks for helping us make what #One_WEB is today.

We will soon inform about our next Event on Social Media.

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#Mozilla Kolkata Community


We believe that Internet is the basic need or commodity of the day and as citizens of 21st century everyone must have access to Internet. While we still have a literacy rate to 71% in the country and 64.3% in the State (West Bengal) there are still a lot of people of various age group who have not used Internet or do not know how to use it. The Initiative was planned in such a way to reach to maximum no. of people of all age groups and teach them about the most potential resource of the World, the WEB.


With Kolkata being the Only City in the county to go full wifi in next 1 year and having 39 locations and 14 metro stations having free access to wifi there are teenagers or kids who will be using internet in near future to educate about the WEB is the main goal. WEB is the most powerful resource in the world as well as the most harmful if not used properly to educate these people about WEB is the main target.

Keeping this in Mind we came up with the One_Web Initiative an initiative to touch 1,00,000 lives in 3 months. The Planning was done in just 7 days and we conducted our first event on 3rd of July , 2016.


It had been raining super hard since the night before the event ; the day started with heavy rain in the morning. I as one of the key organizers was in a lot of tension as two questions were running in my mind 1.>Whether Volunteers will turn up ? 2.>Whether the Kids will be there at the Library. With a lot of hope and with high aims I got out of home.


Everyone(Volunteers) were supposed to assemble at the Spot by 11.00 am but the most interesting fact was 33 Volunteers had reached the desired destination in spite of Rain by 10.30 am.

With Umbrellas over head we headed to the Library of Tiljala shed through the small lanes of the Topsia Slum.What made our day was the over enthusiastic bunch of 100 kids who were all prepared to learn new things on a rainy Sunday morning.

We divided ourselves into groups and the teaching session started.We are extremely thankful to our partners who supported the event in their own way.

We are highly thankful to all our partners who supported the cause and stood by us in the Initiative and are helping us to take the initiative forward.

Our Partners include :

1.>Tiljala Shed                                2.>Theorex

3.>Connect India                             4.>Social Bong

5.>Friends fm                                    6.>Ip Mall

7.>Campus Karma                            8.>The Anon Production

9.>Your Story Bangla                       10.>Izifiso

11.>Calcuatta Instagrammers       12.>Daily Mirage


Other than our Partners Prantik Sinha of Agasta Buoyant tuned up for the event and they delivered mineral water packets to all the kids. Ip Mall had sponsored a very interesting gift for the kids which was hand crafted by Rb-ArtFx kids loved the gift.

Another most interesting fact about the event is it was the first Mozilla Event that witnessed Display picture change of so many people (all for a noble cause)


Last but not the least I would love to share the Group Photo of 1st Event of #One_Web


A Strong community is a community that grows together. We didn’t only have techies joining us for One_Web but from Entrepreneurs to Designers to Journalists people from varied professions joined us and helped us make #One_Web what it is.

The Next Event of #One_Web is on 17th July the details will be shared soon.

I Ranodeep Saha , RAL (India) along with Co-organizers Ayan Choudhury , Reps (India) and Shahid Ali Farooqui, Reps Mentor (India) Thank you for being patient enough to go through Our initiative.

Doing good is a part of our Code 🙂

A Mozilla Kolkata Community Initiative


Mozilla Club TOI | Day – 4

Hello All,

I am Ranodeep Saha Mozillian and RAL from India.

So I as promised I was back to the first School with which I had started my Journey of Mozilla Club TOI the Helogo School at Tikiapar Howrah along with the NGO Treasures of Innocence . The Kids had well received the stuff which I had taught them in the first class.

So today We did Science and we are on our way to start Web Literacy in the coming days.

Today I taught them about plants and how does a leaf produce its food by the help of sunlight air and water.

Also showed them the change in color of the Paper which we had washed with turmeric when it reacts with the soda water.

The Class didn’t end over here ; We showed and taught them the principle behind the suction force and the vacuum created and such experiments which was quite interesting for them.


Last but not the least we had the drawing activity that excited these kids the most. The Pics from the drawing class.

Loved teaching these Kids. Joy of learning and Teaching.

Mozilla Kolkata 🙂

Doing good is a part of our code 🙂

Mozilla Club TOI |Day – 3

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha RAL-Inida,Asia..

So after two long weeks I was back in the schools along with my team and Treasures of Innocence . Today we were at Cossipore Girls School .

As always working teaching and learning from these Kids and teenagers was fun.

We did teach these kids about basic Science Principles like Telescope , Microscope, Mouse etc.

At the end we gave them White sheets crayons and pencils to check out there creativity.

The Outcome was more than Overwhelming.

Pictures from the Session :



#Mozilla Kolkata Community

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Mozilla Club TOI Day-2

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha RAL-Asia..

My first Blog after becoming a RAL.As far as my this Project on MLN is concerned today was the second day with the NGO Treasures of Innocence.

I was at Kailash Vidyalaya near Chetla West Bengal.While other Memebers of the NGO were busy with Kids.

I choose the Teenagers of class 9 and 10 and I sat with them learned about their ideology about Internet and Facebook. While most of them had this misconception that internet only means Facebook and Whats app…

I made them understand what WEB is How web Works. What is a Search Engine and other such essential terms.

I will get back to this Same school after 2 weeks with this NGO and at that time will Demonstarte live with the Help of Laptop.

As usual it was fun leaning as well as teaching them.

Pictures from the Event :

Mozilla Club TOI

#Mozilla Kolkata Community 🙂

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Mozilla Club TOI Day-1

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha Senior FSA from Kolkata , Inida.

So I was introduced to this almost 7 months back by Shreyas “The Mozilla Learning Network ” . It took me almost 6 months and a few days to discover and analyze the whole thing and finally I did my first day session with an NGO whom I have tied up for this Noble Project of Mozilla, “The Treasures of Innocence”.

As it is always Said and this is how Mozilla Believes in it. Teaching starts with the very small things and that can be like how to keep your surrounding clean. So today along with Treasures of Innocence I was there in HELGO School which is Located in Tikipara,Kolkata; West Bengal.

Started with Social Etiquette,Cleanliness and basic Drawing as the flow gets in will start with Web Literacy, what I sincerely felt today as it was my first day with something of this sort the kinds weren’t ready enough to understand what a computer is so it started from basics.

Will be back again next week and see the Progress of these kids . Teaching and Learning from them is seriously an awesome experience.

The Pictures from the Event :

The Pictures Include : Social Etiquette, Cleaning by one of the kids and Me teaching them the Toilet Rules.

Loved the Experience.


#Mozilla Kolkata Community

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Konsturct 2016

It just seems it was yesterday when we had Konstruct 2015 on 28th of February 2015 while it was Konstruct’s first year and at that time it was “Kolkata’s first open source fest”. One Complete year passed way and today we completed the second year of Konstruct. Konstruct 2016 was much more powerful and enthusiastic in its own way. This year it was “Kolkata’s only Open Source Fest “.

I am obliged to have Mozilla Kolkata Community by my side all this time. Konstruct 2016 Sponsored by TEQIP-II of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology in association with The Telegraph YOU and amplified by Friends FM.

Konstruct this year was hosted on 27th and 28th of February 2016.This year we had an Entrepreneurship thing as well as an social cause accompanied with the Open Source Topping Which is the main theme of Konstruct.

New Telegraph copy


The Event Schedule Contained.

27th Feb :

10.00 am to 11.00 am : Inauguration

11.00 am to 12 pm : Why Entrepreneurship by Ravi Ranjan from NASSCON 10,000 Start Ups

12pm to 2 pm : Content Workshop By INdus Bloggers and Machine Learning Workshop by Theorex

3pm to 5pm : Moz_Setup and Scrollback Camp

28th Feb :

11.00 am to 1 pm : Chess, Quiz , Poetry Slam

2.00 pm to 4.00 pm : Kolkata Entrepreneur’s Vibe By Your Story 🙂


For Moz Setup @ Konstruct.

We Had  Reps Sumantro Mukherjee , Ayan Choudhury and Senior Memeber Debapriya Bhattacharya from the Mozilla Kolkata Community. Me, Priyanshu and Arkopal were also present from MozGroup@WBUT. We had a a good turnover for the Moz Setup this year.

The Enthusiastic and Promising crowd will surely have a positive feedback soon.


The Pictures from the Event :


The News Paper Link for Konstruct :

Your Story Link :


We want to Continue Konstruct for Next Infinite no of Years and we request more of Open Source Communities to join us for Konstruct in the Upcoming Years.

Proud to be a Mozillian and Start the Konstruct Initiative for Eastern Part of the COuntry.



Doing Good Is a Part of our Code 🙂

Mozilla Kolkata Community