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One_WEB has been that flagship project which I had been working in the year 2016. It was 2nd of October , 2016 Shahid Ali Farroqui Reps Mentor , India and my personal mentor along with an Well fare organization named “Ek Pahal” which is based in IISER Kolkata helped me an One_WEB session over there with kids from villages all across.

The Session consisted of one hour of training of the Volunteers where we taught them the special way of teaching or rather story telling. The Volunteers included the under graduate and post graduate students of the Institute.

Then the kids came in from different near by villages ; Ek Pahal volunteers knew almost each of these kids as they teach them different subjects on a regular basis but today the story was different today these 150 kids were segregated into 15 groups each of 10 in size and being taught by two Ek Pahal volunteers and after one and half hours of teaching these kids were given Food 😛

YES as a part of the One_WEB Initiative we wanted these kids to be happy as well as learn about something new (The NEW is nothing but WEB).

After the food session these kids were given White Chart  papers and then was the waiting time. We wanted to see how well these kids understood the two Worlds ( The World of the WEB and The World of Real Life).

The Results were superb I seriously feel in love with the creativity and kind of imagination these kids came up with.

Here are Pictures of the Image :

Thank you Ek Pahal , IISER Kolkata and Shahid Sir for making this Happen.


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