Concept Behind One_WEB


As we see different Web Literacy campaigns running all across the globe but not much difference it was able to create it among the under privileged  in the long run.

Thus we came up with a concept called #ONE_WEB.

One_WEB is more of a idea and idea with the help of which the students specially the underprivileged kids are taught in such a way that they imbibe the concept of the WEB in their minds .

Let me give an example :

Do you remember the headlines of the News Paper this morning ? No I guess.

But you remember the story you went through ? YES

So One_WEB is about that Story telling that special way in which the Story is told to these kids so that they Imbibe in them the concept of WEB instead of knowing which program will run what.

It took me and my mentor Shahid Ali Farooqui almost 3 days of hard work to device this very way of sharing stories so that the kids even if not provided with computers or internet remembered the concept in long run.

This output which we receive in long run was the most valued proposition which helped us get partners for the event like Fire.

#ONE_WEB which is now planned in different parts of the country in different ways helps us achieve the target we had set for the Campaign.

As you see the picture you will understand the imprint which we created in the mind of this Kid.

He Created an ATM Card which he connected to an UBER and then Whats App and Flipkart. Now this proves us of the concept of teaching we came up with.

It became the first Mozilla Event in the country or rather world to receive so many Dipslay picture change and one of those events which had received so many digital footprints and as many partners as #One_WEB.



The Only Mozilla Event to get a Live Radio Coverage from the Event Venue itself.

Link to the Recording :

The Event Video :


We want to go to a Global Level so that One_WEB can be started in

all the Countries. 🙂




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