One_Web Event-2

One_Web the initiative taken by Mozilla Kolkata Community to touch upon 10000 Lives in 3 months.

As one of the Designers of this initiative let me make it very clear ; we are not trying to impart Web Literacy among these kids. As people might post that they can teach kids about WEB in 2 hours but I don’t believe so.

The Idea behind one web is to install in these kids the Idea of the WEB.What this other world actually is. We work for two hours with these kids to make them Understand how this other world is and give them a basic idea of WEB; in the later part of the event we provide them paper and colors to show us their understandings on the basis of our teaching.

The Second event of One_Web was hosted at Kailash Vidya Mandir with the help of an NGO My Treasures of Innocence.


It was a broad sunny day with 10+ Volunteers we went to the school. On a Bright Sunday morning and 186 kids all acorss it was really an awesome experience teaching these kids.

We got divided into four groups and taught these kids accordingly.

Teaching these kids was fun and then they were given paper to show their understanding about the thing which we taught them. The Out come was superb.The following Pictures will explain.


At the End the Customary Group picture.


Thanks for helping us make what #One_WEB is today.

We will soon inform about our next Event on Social Media.

Doing good is a part of our code 🙂

#Mozilla Kolkata Community


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