We believe that Internet is the basic need or commodity of the day and as citizens of 21st century everyone must have access to Internet. While we still have a literacy rate to 71% in the country and 64.3% in the State (West Bengal) there are still a lot of people of various age group who have not used Internet or do not know how to use it. The Initiative was planned in such a way to reach to maximum no. of people of all age groups and teach them about the most potential resource of the World, the WEB.


With Kolkata being the Only City in the county to go full wifi in next 1 year and having 39 locations and 14 metro stations having free access to wifi there are teenagers or kids who will be using internet in near future to educate about the WEB is the main goal. WEB is the most powerful resource in the world as well as the most harmful if not used properly to educate these people about WEB is the main target.

Keeping this in Mind we came up with the One_Web Initiative an initiative to touch 1,00,000 lives in 3 months. The Planning was done in just 7 days and we conducted our first event on 3rd of July , 2016.


It had been raining super hard since the night before the event ; the day started with heavy rain in the morning. I as one of the key organizers was in a lot of tension as two questions were running in my mind 1.>Whether Volunteers will turn up ? 2.>Whether the Kids will be there at the Library. With a lot of hope and with high aims I got out of home.


Everyone(Volunteers) were supposed to assemble at the Spot by 11.00 am but the most interesting fact was 33 Volunteers had reached the desired destination in spite of Rain by 10.30 am.

With Umbrellas over head we headed to the Library of Tiljala shed through the small lanes of the Topsia Slum.What made our day was the over enthusiastic bunch of 100 kids who were all prepared to learn new things on a rainy Sunday morning.

We divided ourselves into groups and the teaching session started.We are extremely thankful to our partners who supported the event in their own way.

We are highly thankful to all our partners who supported the cause and stood by us in the Initiative and are helping us to take the initiative forward.

Our Partners include :

1.>Tiljala Shed                                2.>Theorex

3.>Connect India                             4.>Social Bong

5.>Friends fm                                    6.>Ip Mall

7.>Campus Karma                            8.>The Anon Production

9.>Your Story Bangla                       10.>Izifiso

11.>Calcuatta Instagrammers       12.>Daily Mirage


Other than our Partners Prantik Sinha of Agasta Buoyant tuned up for the event and they delivered mineral water packets to all the kids. Ip Mall had sponsored a very interesting gift for the kids which was hand crafted by Rb-ArtFx kids loved the gift.

Another most interesting fact about the event is it was the first Mozilla Event that witnessed Display picture change of so many people (all for a noble cause)


Last but not the least I would love to share the Group Photo of 1st Event of #One_Web


A Strong community is a community that grows together. We didn’t only have techies joining us for One_Web but from Entrepreneurs to Designers to Journalists people from varied professions joined us and helped us make #One_Web what it is.

The Next Event of #One_Web is on 17th July the details will be shared soon.

I Ranodeep Saha , RAL (India) along with Co-organizers Ayan Choudhury , Reps (India) and Shahid Ali Farooqui, Reps Mentor (India) Thank you for being patient enough to go through Our initiative.

Doing good is a part of our Code 🙂

A Mozilla Kolkata Community Initiative



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