Mozilla Club TOI |Day – 3

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha RAL-Inida,Asia..

So after two long weeks I was back in the schools along with my team and Treasures of Innocence . Today we were at Cossipore Girls School .

As always working teaching and learning from these Kids and teenagers was fun.

We did teach these kids about basic Science Principles like Telescope , Microscope, Mouse etc.

At the end we gave them White sheets crayons and pencils to check out there creativity.

The Outcome was more than Overwhelming.

Pictures from the Session :



#Mozilla Kolkata Community

                                                     Doing Good is a Part of Our Code:)


One thought on “Mozilla Club TOI |Day – 3

  1. Rano…from the first day onwards when i first met u …i just became a fan of u….not because u r an entrepreneur but for ur positivity n for ur positive attitude towards ur work….i must say keep growing buddy…much more things are waiting for u….be positive be hardworking be specific towrda ur dream…. 🙂 god bless u buddy …. 🙂


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