Mozilla Club TOI | Day – 4

Hello All,

I am Ranodeep Saha Mozillian and RAL from India.

So I as promised I was back to the first School with which I had started my Journey of Mozilla Club TOI the Helogo School at Tikiapar Howrah along with the NGO Treasures of Innocence . The Kids had well received the stuff which I had taught them in the first class.

So today We did Science and we are on our way to start Web Literacy in the coming days.

Today I taught them about plants and how does a leaf produce its food by the help of sunlight air and water.

Also showed them the change in color of the Paper which we had washed with turmeric when it reacts with the soda water.

The Class didn’t end over here ; We showed and taught them the principle behind the suction force and the vacuum created and such experiments which was quite interesting for them.


Last but not the least we had the drawing activity that excited these kids the most. The Pics from the drawing class.

Loved teaching these Kids. Joy of learning and Teaching.

Mozilla Kolkata 🙂

Doing good is a part of our code 🙂


Mozilla Club TOI |Day – 3

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha RAL-Inida,Asia..

So after two long weeks I was back in the schools along with my team and Treasures of Innocence . Today we were at Cossipore Girls School .

As always working teaching and learning from these Kids and teenagers was fun.

We did teach these kids about basic Science Principles like Telescope , Microscope, Mouse etc.

At the end we gave them White sheets crayons and pencils to check out there creativity.

The Outcome was more than Overwhelming.

Pictures from the Session :



#Mozilla Kolkata Community

                                                     Doing Good is a Part of Our Code:)