Mozilla Club TOI Day-2

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha RAL-Asia..

My first Blog after becoming a RAL.As far as my this Project on MLN is concerned today was the second day with the NGO Treasures of Innocence.

I was at Kailash Vidyalaya near Chetla West Bengal.While other Memebers of the NGO were busy with Kids.

I choose the Teenagers of class 9 and 10 and I sat with them learned about their ideology about Internet and Facebook. While most of them had this misconception that internet only means Facebook and Whats app…

I made them understand what WEB is How web Works. What is a Search Engine and other such essential terms.

I will get back to this Same school after 2 weeks with this NGO and at that time will Demonstarte live with the Help of Laptop.

As usual it was fun leaning as well as teaching them.

Pictures from the Event :

Mozilla Club TOI

#Mozilla Kolkata Community 🙂

Doing Good is a part of our Code 🙂


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