Mozilla Club TOI Day-1

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha Senior FSA from Kolkata , Inida.

So I was introduced to this almost 7 months back by Shreyas “The Mozilla Learning Network ” . It took me almost 6 months and a few days to discover and analyze the whole thing and finally I did my first day session with an NGO whom I have tied up for this Noble Project of Mozilla, “The Treasures of Innocence”.

As it is always Said and this is how Mozilla Believes in it. Teaching starts with the very small things and that can be like how to keep your surrounding clean. So today along with Treasures of Innocence I was there in HELGO School which is Located in Tikipara,Kolkata; West Bengal.

Started with Social Etiquette,Cleanliness and basic Drawing as the flow gets in will start with Web Literacy, what I sincerely felt today as it was my first day with something of this sort the kinds weren’t ready enough to understand what a computer is so it started from basics.

Will be back again next week and see the Progress of these kids . Teaching and Learning from them is seriously an awesome experience.

The Pictures from the Event :

The Pictures Include : Social Etiquette, Cleaning by one of the kids and Me teaching them the Toilet Rules.

Loved the Experience.


#Mozilla Kolkata Community

Doing Good is a Part of Our Code 🙂




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