Mozilla Club TOI Day-2

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha RAL-Asia..

My first Blog after becoming a RAL.As far as my this Project on MLN is concerned today was the second day with the NGO Treasures of Innocence.

I was at Kailash Vidyalaya near Chetla West Bengal.While other Memebers of the NGO were busy with Kids.

I choose the Teenagers of class 9 and 10 and I sat with them learned about their ideology about Internet and Facebook. While most of them had this misconception that internet only means Facebook and Whats app…

I made them understand what WEB is How web Works. What is a Search Engine and other such essential terms.

I will get back to this Same school after 2 weeks with this NGO and at that time will Demonstarte live with the Help of Laptop.

As usual it was fun leaning as well as teaching them.

Pictures from the Event :

Mozilla Club TOI

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Mozilla Club TOI Day-1

Hi, I am Ranodeep Saha Senior FSA from Kolkata , Inida.

So I was introduced to this almost 7 months back by Shreyas “The Mozilla Learning Network ” . It took me almost 6 months and a few days to discover and analyze the whole thing and finally I did my first day session with an NGO whom I have tied up for this Noble Project of Mozilla, “The Treasures of Innocence”.

As it is always Said and this is how Mozilla Believes in it. Teaching starts with the very small things and that can be like how to keep your surrounding clean. So today along with Treasures of Innocence I was there in HELGO School which is Located in Tikipara,Kolkata; West Bengal.

Started with Social Etiquette,Cleanliness and basic Drawing as the flow gets in will start with Web Literacy, what I sincerely felt today as it was my first day with something of this sort the kinds weren’t ready enough to understand what a computer is so it started from basics.

Will be back again next week and see the Progress of these kids . Teaching and Learning from them is seriously an awesome experience.

The Pictures from the Event :

The Pictures Include : Social Etiquette, Cleaning by one of the kids and Me teaching them the Toilet Rules.

Loved the Experience.


#Mozilla Kolkata Community

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Konsturct 2016

It just seems it was yesterday when we had Konstruct 2015 on 28th of February 2015 while it was Konstruct’s first year and at that time it was “Kolkata’s first open source fest”. One Complete year passed way and today we completed the second year of Konstruct. Konstruct 2016 was much more powerful and enthusiastic in its own way. This year it was “Kolkata’s only Open Source Fest “.

I am obliged to have Mozilla Kolkata Community by my side all this time. Konstruct 2016 Sponsored by TEQIP-II of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology in association with The Telegraph YOU and amplified by Friends FM.

Konstruct this year was hosted on 27th and 28th of February 2016.This year we had an Entrepreneurship thing as well as an social cause accompanied with the Open Source Topping Which is the main theme of Konstruct.

New Telegraph copy


The Event Schedule Contained.

27th Feb :

10.00 am to 11.00 am : Inauguration

11.00 am to 12 pm : Why Entrepreneurship by Ravi Ranjan from NASSCON 10,000 Start Ups

12pm to 2 pm : Content Workshop By INdus Bloggers and Machine Learning Workshop by Theorex

3pm to 5pm : Moz_Setup and Scrollback Camp

28th Feb :

11.00 am to 1 pm : Chess, Quiz , Poetry Slam

2.00 pm to 4.00 pm : Kolkata Entrepreneur’s Vibe By Your Story 🙂


For Moz Setup @ Konstruct.

We Had  Reps Sumantro Mukherjee , Ayan Choudhury and Senior Memeber Debapriya Bhattacharya from the Mozilla Kolkata Community. Me, Priyanshu and Arkopal were also present from MozGroup@WBUT. We had a a good turnover for the Moz Setup this year.

The Enthusiastic and Promising crowd will surely have a positive feedback soon.


The Pictures from the Event :


The News Paper Link for Konstruct :

Your Story Link :


We want to Continue Konstruct for Next Infinite no of Years and we request more of Open Source Communities to join us for Konstruct in the Upcoming Years.

Proud to be a Mozillian and Start the Konstruct Initiative for Eastern Part of the COuntry.



Doing Good Is a Part of our Code 🙂

Mozilla Kolkata Community