Mozilla Science Lab Mission and Teach the Web in a Slum

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India. I along with my friend Priyansu just hosted a small teaching and learning session in one of the Slums in Kolkata.

Teaching about science and web has always been a passion to me and it simply feels awesome when I actually go among people and share stuff and educate them about small things .Thanks allot to the Firefox Student Ambassador Program for giving me this platform.

Yesterday Both me and my friend went to a near by slum to actually understand what the scenario is and actually what I should emphasis while teaching them. So we were there , the best part of last days session with these people were it was not only the children but even there parents were excited and actually learned from whatever we demonstrated and explained.

While I was having a conversation with the teenagers of the slum who actually had mobile phones there vision and knowledge about the web was only restricted to Facebook and Whats-app but unaware of what actually email is ..!!!

But then we started with teaching basic science principles like electrostatic forces and Color of Fire..

The enthusiasm among the kids regarding science was remarkable..The Way they asked us several questions on the whole I realized something that if we can provide them a good environment to study every child is bound to shine πŸ™‚

Moving on from the Science ; I had the thought in my mind of actually making alive one of the missions of Mozilla True ..

The Mission of helping the next Millionth user of the web to help access it and making him aware of his Rights

Like spending complete 4 hours with them and actually making them smile at least once at the end of the Day seriously made my day πŸ™‚

Loved the experience of teaching would surely hit on to some other slum by next week to spread more of Web and Science πŸ™‚

Pictures from the Event :

IMG_20150624_170725070[1] IMG_20150624_170737727[1] IMG_20150624_170830832[1]


Doing Good is a Part of our code πŸ™‚

Mozilla Kolkata Communtiy


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