Mozilla Science Lab Introduction Session

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India. Just Hosted an Introductory Session on Mozilla Science Lab among underprivileged children and teenagers.

The Mozilla Science Lab is an Initiative of Mozilla Helping  a global network of researchers, tool developers, librarians and publishers collaborate to further science on the web. Mozilla believes in a community of peers working, learning and building together is needed to make research thrive on the open web.

Like before I interacted with these Teenagers I went through the blog of Mark Surman… and the only thing that was rotating in my mind “READ , WRITE , PRACTICE ”


Thank You Koustav Da for providing me the Venue and He is seriously an inspiration to me….!!!

There were 7 teenagers and 1 Kid… They had all gathered at Koustav Da’s Place…While the General Discussion was started by Koustav Da. After which I took over , I explained them the concept of Mozilla Science Lab and discussed with them a few Science Principles which everyone of us might use everyday without knowing the Science Behind it…

I used a few Demonstrations like :

1.>The Bottled Tornado

2.>The Mixture of Primary Colors

IMG_20150614_114355_427 IMG_20150614_114333_552

I must say those Teenagers were really very much enthusiastic about Mozilla and its Mission…

So the discussion from Science went to Mozilla and its Principles . They were Surprised to know about the privacy issues.One thing that made everyone smile was for “Mozilla You comes first ”

IMG_20150614_123324_948 IMG_20150614_130431_371

After the Discussions about Mozilla and its Mission I demonstrated them the Webmaker and its tools… while Koustav Da showed them a bit of the Translation L10N Procedure….!!!

While the Time didn’t permit… So we had to stop for the Day… But the Enthusiasm among them was remarkable..I promised them to be back soon with a more no of Science Principles and teach them more about the Web…!!

Like we requested them to come in the Kolkata Community Meet up and be a part of us 🙂


The Final CLick 😉

Doing Good is a Part of our COde 🙂

#Mozilla Kolkata Community


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