MozCoffee-Kolkata Spring Campaign…#FoxYeah..!!

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India.Its with Great joy that I would like to describe my fantastic experience at the MozCoffee Spring Campaign Event held at Café Coffee Day,Park Street,Kolkata Held Last Sunday…!!

It is always fun to Hangout with the community and so was done that day…!! We had all gathered in the in the Park Street Cafe Coffee Day..!! While we got to see 5 new FSA or rather open source enthusiasts…

The Agendas for the Event

  1. Introductions
    2. Share your story as mozilla contributor
    3. Show some Mozilla related videos
    4. Download / update Firefox browser in participants’ laptop and mobile.
    5. Share some points why should you use firefox
    6. Icebreaker session
    7. Make memes
    8. Take pictures
    9.  Make some small video
    10. Blog and Social media impression (fb and twitter with hash tags‪#‎foxyeah)
    11. Grab some coffee and snacks

While all of these Agenda s were properly carried out…!!!

After that We discussed Some thing very interesting….

Let me show ..

What the Mozillians say?

Priyanshu: Firefox ad-ons such as Downloaders are awesome,being an Open-Source Enthusiast Mozilla is one of the primary ones…and the options to use several versions such as Torch etc.

Srijib Roy – Firefox Dev Editon provides me the basic tools usefull for Web Development.

Sayan – firefox is userfriendly,providing fast browsing facilities..

Biraj Karmakar: I am using firefox because of my privacy..

Anirban: itz a one of the best browser, faster other one, and downloaders are awesome, and many other facilities……

Debapriya Bhattacharya: i love firefox because of its opnness, innovation and opportunity on the web

Sukanta Pal : lots of add ons, privacy et.

Swarnava Sengupta – I use Firefox because it provides me the tools that i need to access the web i want

Ayan Choudhury – Firefox – The name says it all. As a die heart Mozillian I use firefox because not only it is the fastest browser but also it is famous for its Add-on facility. Weekly updates says it all –

The choice of Add ons is huge…!!!
Firefox is voted the most Secure Brand for Browsing Internet..!!! – Ranodeep Saha

Abhyudaya Gunner Chatterjee: Because Mozilla provides us options to use a no. of browsers like Firefox, Seamonkey, etc.
Provides various add-ons, security and many more. smile emoticon

Shreetam: As an open source browser it is the first choice to use it in linux based os .hence its the best buddy for passionate devoloper.

Pictures from this Awesome event…!!

11119316_816958968399877_1038159475294752256_o 11143354_816958861733221_7675916927701225951_o 11312688_816957015066739_7371682333231483006_o 11334248_816958398399934_8075392885202841138_o 11411602_816957818399992_8395558387460077590_o 11415562_816957695066671_8880129810348133754_o


#Mozilla Kolkata Community

Doing good is a part of our code 🙂


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