Teach the Web with People Bearers (People Who transport loads from one place to another)

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India.

I was in my dad’s office today when I realized about these people. My dad’s office is located in one of the most busiest business locations of Kolkata. People who stay downstairs who actually transfer goods from one place to another ( We call them “Mootiya” in Bengali). Every time I passed through them I use to see them fiddling with their mobile phones and sometimes even watching videos…

So today I made an effort and walked up to them and started asking them about their experience on Mobile phones and it turned out to be quite interesting knowing that they actually access the net even from their feature phones to download videos.

And the conversation went on and when it became a teaching and learning process I dint even realize…I open my laptop and then started showing translations in Hindi and other web related stuff….

I actually taught them how to input in their regional language on their Mobile phones…. and even showed them how to access more useful article which they can read using net on their Mobile phones…

But seriously the satisfaction which I got seeing the smile of their Faces.. the Smile of learning new things…I was overwhelmed and thank You #Mozilla and Firefox Student Ambassador Program for providing me with such a nice platform…

The Pics from the Event :

IMG_20150629_141019819_HDR[1] IMG_20150629_141031466[1] IMG_20150629_141026059[1]

And the Final Selfie


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Mozilla Science Lab Mission and Teach the Web in a Slum

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India. I along with my friend Priyansu just hosted a small teaching and learning session in one of the Slums in Kolkata.

Teaching about science and web has always been a passion to me and it simply feels awesome when I actually go among people and share stuff and educate them about small things .Thanks allot to the Firefox Student Ambassador Program for giving me this platform.

Yesterday Both me and my friend went to a near by slum to actually understand what the scenario is and actually what I should emphasis while teaching them. So we were there , the best part of last days session with these people were it was not only the children but even there parents were excited and actually learned from whatever we demonstrated and explained.

While I was having a conversation with the teenagers of the slum who actually had mobile phones there vision and knowledge about the web was only restricted to Facebook and Whats-app but unaware of what actually email is ..!!!

But then we started with teaching basic science principles like electrostatic forces and Color of Fire..

The enthusiasm among the kids regarding science was remarkable..The Way they asked us several questions on the whole I realized something that if we can provide them a good environment to study every child is bound to shine 🙂

Moving on from the Science ; I had the thought in my mind of actually making alive one of the missions of Mozilla True ..

The Mission of helping the next Millionth user of the web to help access it and making him aware of his Rights

Like spending complete 4 hours with them and actually making them smile at least once at the end of the Day seriously made my day 🙂

Loved the experience of teaching would surely hit on to some other slum by next week to spread more of Web and Science 🙂

Pictures from the Event :

IMG_20150624_170725070[1] IMG_20150624_170737727[1] IMG_20150624_170830832[1]


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Mozilla Science Lab Introduction Session

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India. Just Hosted an Introductory Session on Mozilla Science Lab among underprivileged children and teenagers.

The Mozilla Science Lab is an Initiative of Mozilla Helping  a global network of researchers, tool developers, librarians and publishers collaborate to further science on the web. Mozilla believes in a community of peers working, learning and building together is needed to make research thrive on the open web.

Like before I interacted with these Teenagers I went through the blog of Mark Surman… and the only thing that was rotating in my mind “READ , WRITE , PRACTICE ”


Thank You Koustav Da for providing me the Venue and He is seriously an inspiration to me….!!!

There were 7 teenagers and 1 Kid… They had all gathered at Koustav Da’s Place…While the General Discussion was started by Koustav Da. After which I took over , I explained them the concept of Mozilla Science Lab and discussed with them a few Science Principles which everyone of us might use everyday without knowing the Science Behind it…

I used a few Demonstrations like :

1.>The Bottled Tornado


2.>The Mixture of Primary Colors


IMG_20150614_114355_427 IMG_20150614_114333_552

I must say those Teenagers were really very much enthusiastic about Mozilla and its Mission…

So the discussion from Science went to Mozilla and its Principles . They were Surprised to know about the privacy issues.One thing that made everyone smile was for “Mozilla You comes first ”

IMG_20150614_123324_948 IMG_20150614_130431_371

After the Discussions about Mozilla and its Mission I demonstrated them the Webmaker and its tools… while Koustav Da showed them a bit of the Translation L10N Procedure….!!!

While the Time didn’t permit… So we had to stop for the Day… But the Enthusiasm among them was remarkable..I promised them to be back soon with a more no of Science Principles and teach them more about the Web…!!

Like we requested them to come in the Kolkata Community Meet up and be a part of us 🙂


The Final CLick 😉

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MozCoffee-Kolkata Spring Campaign…#FoxYeah..!!

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India.Its with Great joy that I would like to describe my fantastic experience at the MozCoffee Spring Campaign Event held at Café Coffee Day,Park Street,Kolkata Held Last Sunday…!!

It is always fun to Hangout with the community and so was done that day…!! We had all gathered in the in the Park Street Cafe Coffee Day..!! While we got to see 5 new FSA or rather open source enthusiasts…

The Agendas for the Event

  1. Introductions
    2. Share your story as mozilla contributor
    3. Show some Mozilla related videos
    4. Download / update Firefox browser in participants’ laptop and mobile.
    5. Share some points why should you use firefox
    6. Icebreaker session
    7. Make memes
    8. Take pictures
    9.  Make some small video
    10. Blog and Social media impression (fb and twitter with hash tags‪#‎foxyeah)
    11. Grab some coffee and snacks

While all of these Agenda s were properly carried out…!!!

After that We discussed Some thing very interesting….

Let me show ..

What the Mozillians say?

Priyanshu: Firefox ad-ons such as Downloaders are awesome,being an Open-Source Enthusiast Mozilla is one of the primary ones…and the options to use several versions such as Torch etc.

Srijib Roy – Firefox Dev Editon provides me the basic tools usefull for Web Development.

Sayan – firefox is userfriendly,providing fast browsing facilities..

Biraj Karmakar: I am using firefox because of my privacy..

Anirban: itz a one of the best browser, faster other one, and downloaders are awesome, and many other facilities……

Debapriya Bhattacharya: i love firefox because of its opnness, innovation and opportunity on the web

Sukanta Pal : lots of add ons, privacy et.

Swarnava Sengupta – I use Firefox because it provides me the tools that i need to access the web i want

Ayan Choudhury – Firefox – The name says it all. As a die heart Mozillian I use firefox because not only it is the fastest browser but also it is famous for its Add-on facility. Weekly updates says it all –

The choice of Add ons is huge…!!!
Firefox is voted the most Secure Brand for Browsing Internet..!!! – Ranodeep Saha

Abhyudaya Gunner Chatterjee: Because Mozilla provides us options to use a no. of browsers like Firefox, Seamonkey, etc.
Provides various add-ons, security and many more. smile emoticon

Shreetam: As an open source browser it is the first choice to use it in linux based os .hence its the best buddy for passionate devoloper.

Pictures from this Awesome event…!!

11119316_816958968399877_1038159475294752256_o 11143354_816958861733221_7675916927701225951_o 11312688_816957015066739_7371682333231483006_o 11334248_816958398399934_8075392885202841138_o 11411602_816957818399992_8395558387460077590_o 11415562_816957695066671_8880129810348133754_o


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Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2015 Kolkata

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India Had just attended the Mozilla Science Lab Sprint 2015 in Kolkata

The Mozilla Science Lab is an Initiative of Mozilla Helping  a global network of researchers, tool developers, librarians and publishers collaborate to further science on the web. Mozilla believes in a community of peers working, learning and building together is needed to make research thrive on the open web.

Thus a Global Sprint was held at 4th and 5th June all over the Globe.


I had joined the Sprint In Kolkata @Meetup Space in Barasat.

Mozilla Kolkata Community had come forward towards Hosting this sprint in Kolkata

It was fun interacting with the whole community discussing new Science ideas. I couldn’t make it to the second day. But the first day was worth remembering.

While Sumantro Da, Ayan Da and Biraj Da were busy working on the technical front of the Science. I , Koustav Da and Sukanta Da worked on the non technical part .

The Swags were really a cool once….

11416395_825073747546478_5603300517419981509_o CGpEeHqUYAABJ6v

The Community Selfie…

11289496_814985068597267_2128558084405455794_o 11406175_814983328597441_2611447169928640749_o (1) CGoxmyAWoAAVKPI

Last Not but the least…

My Planning to Involve more kids into this Mission of Science Lab  :

Involving Kids in Mozilla Science Lab Activities…
1.>Mozilla Science Lab is all about empowering people to  use science in their day to day activities while they are having digital experience.
2.>School Level is actually the place from where the foundation of science begins and we must start empowering students with a digital experience so that they can learn and share their day to day experiences in the form of contributions towards the science lab projects
Contributions range from basic physics experiments like refractive index to having the experiments of chemistry and share the experience o the students online.
1.>Today Technology and Computing has reached its heights if we consider our country India itself every other guy in Middle or Senior School posses an Android phone and they are more glued to their phones compared to their books so why not we make make science interesting for them and bring it in front of them in such a way that they will surely be enthusiastic to learn more about science.
My plan is to establish Mozilla Clubs in the Schools in around my place with the Help of the Kolkata Community and there by implementing the Science Lab projects into it…
The Plan goes like…
     1.>The Senior Class students Who are very much excited in science would surely love to share there experience…Thereby Data   Collection on one of the Specific topic for example Refraction of Light is done
     2.>There will be a hand full of guys in each and every school we set up the Mozilla Club who will be good in Coding either in Blue J or C as a result they Can create a Small app on that very topic
     3.>I would love to introduce Webmaker tools to them so that they can create an Interesting HTML Page on that very Example of Refractive Index and it can be shared all across on the Web.
      4.>So that Next time any junior wants to check out Google before going through that Experiment or Phenomenon can Actually get that thing which will like create an Enthusiasm  in him.
      5.>This very effort will help us achieve both the Goals of Science Lab Initiative and The Mozilla Clubs in Schools…
2.>As one of the main Aims of the Science Lab initiative of Mozilla is to bring Science to everyone why should the Less Fortunate be kept aside.
    So the second Plan is :
    1.> The Volunteers from the Community will walk to the Slum Areas with some models or a few things that are necessary..
    2.>Demonstrate the Common or the Basic phenomenons  of Science like the Electrostatic force and other phenomenons which we see in the nature… thereby increasing their thrust for Science…
    3.>This very effort will help us achieve two Goals one is of #Teach the Web and Science Lab Initiative
3.>In Case of Engineering I would love to Come up with an idea :
   1.> Lets take in some non technical people like people involved in Bio Technology or Botany
   2.> Gather a lot of information about any specific topic like DNA Structure..
   3.>And then Can Actually implement to build something Big…
   4.> Which can be easily be used by people in their Genre to understand that very topic….
   5.>Thereby Helping us to achieve the Goal of Mozilla Science Lab Initiative
Thanks for Reading the Blog…
Doing Good is a part of our Code 🙂
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