Net Neutrality Campaign in My Class at West Bengal University of Technology

Hi, all

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian and a first year student of Btech of West Bengal University of Technology,Kolkata,West Bengal India…

TRAI (Telecom Regulation Authority of India) proposed consultation paper to abolish Net neutrality in India and award the operators the best of advantage..!!

I as a Responsible Mozillian I planned to stand against this proposal of the Government of India and keep the Internet free..!!! Internet Open…!!!

So today (6th of April,2015) I went to my class and made everyone understand what Net Neutrality is and why we must stand for it and how it is going to take away our freedom from us..!!!!

The Brutal Effects that everyone of us is going to face as TRAI Snatches away our Net Neutrality is Enormous.

An Instance can be :

We will have different packages for accessing internet.

1 GB data for Rs 252 + Rs 50 for Google + Rs 25 for facebook and so on.
1 GB data pack would be like the base pack of your DTH.

But we will have to add packs for carrier decided pricing to be able to use all apps.

Isn’t this SCARY? Its just the start!!!!!

So we still have the Time Stand up..!!! Fight for our Biggest and most precious resource “THE INTERNET ”

The Pictures from the Event :


DSC_0010   DSC_0004

At the End of the Discussion I made sure Everyone in my class had Signed the Petition in the Favor of Net Neutrality..

Everyone was very much concerned about the issue and promised to spread the news as much as one can with the Help of FB posts and Whats app Messages..!!!

IMG_20150406_110637526Join Us in this Mission against the Government and save the Internet…!!

Read more and Sign the Petition Today at :



Doing Good is a Part of our Code 🙂


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