Robotics Booth@Hive KGP

Reporting from BOOTH “Robotics” at Hive KGP

Hi all,

This is Ranodeep, a Mozillian from Kolkata and volunteering at biggest Hive event at Kharagpur on 20th-21st December, 2015. I am reporting from my booth –Robotics..

Let me show you the planning session 1st…


The environment here is just too too Interesting.. Awesome students, they are so much interested to learn and explore. One student of class 8 just now asked me that he wants to learn “The working principle of a four way Switch and a 100 RPM Motor”. I am simply stunned by his facial expression the way he wanted to learn the way he wanted to explore!! He is just in class 8 and want to learn the four way switch…it took me some 4 days to completely understand the working a four way switch…. a class 8 kid was telling me to make him understand that….it was seriously speechless…!!!

10857090_10202010150735164_4101078509584697234_oThis me working on my robot along with Gautam Bhaia…!!!

Really I am too happy that I choose Robotics and shared my knowledge with these beautiful young minds. There is so much happiness in sharing skills and everything and the pupils are so much enthusiastic to learn that.. Wow.!!

Truly the Motto of Hive coming true Teach>Learn>Share , Some Glimpses:

10866222_924081784270343_4012565802134617776_oThese Kids really made my day…on the last day while i was preparing for the event even in my night mare i dint expect to get such a overwhelming response from these beautiful kids the way the took my work…the way they showed interest in Robotics….!!!!

At the End of the Day Something I would be glad to Show….

10269032_924081984270323_8500270883489797089_oThe Person i stand with is no-other than Umesh Sir Who made it all Happen

And I have the feedback page of my enthusiast Learners from My Robotics Booth…

The Pic says for itself that How much my booth appealed to Students…!!

Atlast a Group photo with those kids. 😛

10348804_640698416040059_1273134123844526267_o 10354599_738010962913938_6892544351688370901_n10845878_738010436247324_7510345247257679862_oNow lastly the Acknowledgement time:

Thank You Every one of the Mozilla Kolkata Community for making me a part of the family….Giving me the right platform to Showcase my talent….

A big Kuddos to Hive KGP team…


Thank You all 🙂


One thought on “Robotics Booth@Hive KGP

  1. 4 way switch is the most usable and simple controller for a dc motor..and that too with DPDT the most easiest configuration for controlling.. ;). It shouldn’t have taken you 2 months Rano..:)


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